Andrew Axenov tours with his new program "Hidden World Fairytales" - a  one-man instrumental show based on heartwarming original melodies and fiery rhythms, visually stunning approach to playing acoustic guitar, huge live guitar sound (unexpected from this instrument) and inspiring storytelling that glues all these together into profound emotional experience. 

During his performances, he seamlessly blends diverse techniques to create multiple layers, imitating voice, drums, violin, keyboards and other instruments, proving that one guitar is enough to make magic.


Andrew Axenov - guitar virtuoso and composer who pushes boundaries of acoustic guitar to create soulful instrumental music full of passionate improvisations, blasts of percussive fingerstyle techniques and beautiful melodies inspired by classical and ethnic music from all over the world.

With a spectacular live guitar sound, mesmerizing melodies, and a stage presence that commands attention, Andrew is a musician who effortlessly captivates audiences worldwide. Whether it's the hauntingly beautiful notes of a heartfelt ballad or the fiery energy of an up-tempo piece, Andrew's original compositions and stories told in between showcase his impeccable artistry and ability to evoke powerful emotions through his guitar. 

His magnetic stage presence draws audiences in, creating an immersive and unforgettable experience for all. Andrew has performed on the best stages of Saint-Petersburg and Moscow, shared stage with a fingerstyle guitar giants Alexandr Misko, Soenke Meinen and Gareth Pearson, took part in all major Russian fingerstyle festivals until 2022, when he moved to Thailand to spread his music over this beautiful country. In 2023 he co-organized two Koh Phangan Guitar Festivals and created his new live performance, that is ready to be presented to the most sophisticated audience.

Apart from live performances Andrew works as composer and studio musician with 5 studio albums released including his solo album "Hidden World Fairytales" (2022), which demonstrates the full power of his composition and technical skills. One of Andrew's guitar arrangements was purchased to the tier-1 Russian movie "Poplar fluff" - a rare achievement for fingerstyle guitar music.

Andrew has active social media presence with over 2.500.000 views on YouTube and rapidly growing instagram account.

Since 2023 Andrew is an artist of Maestro Guitars (Singapore), tours around the world with multidisciplinary magic-music-movement show "Most Human Post-Human", and is a participant of all-star band "Trippy Night Orchestra" (Koh Phangan).


In 2022 Andrew released "Hidden World Fairytales", an album that demonstrates all his achievements in composing and arranging music during  last 18 years.

It consists of 10 tracks, each of them has it's unique voice and inspiring idea behind. Andrew shares this ideas with the audience on stage to help them get the deepest musical experience.

Andrew's live perfomances are based on both the music from this album and unreleased music from a new upcoming record.

Live perfomances

What people say:

"When you play, you don't need a singer or any other instruments - one guitar is enough for magic"

"The best gig I attended in years. What came to me was that listening to you play was like you taking us on such a beautiful flowy journey through landscapes and universes. Many times I was in a space of no body, no people just flying sound where there's nothing else. Pure sound and this magical flight."

"Your music is so incredibly special and unique that I can say you're giving the world a new gift!"

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