BEYOND SIGHT - the deepest experience of sound and spirit. It is a 1-day blindfolded music retreat, a transformative journey through your deepest sensations to the joy of life and divine inspiration. Guided by the music of the moment and a team of experienced facilitators.
You receive 90% of information about the world through your eyes. But most of the time the truth lies beneath the eyesight — in subtle vibrations of your body, from which you are often disconnected in daily life. Let’s reclaim this connection.

What will happen if you cut off the vision?

When “the outside” disappears, you stop looking for answers in the outer world. Guided by teachers of nature, vibrations of the universe — Sound and Music — we will dive deep within ourselves, navigate through the profound mysteries of our senses to rediscover self-love, state of Creator, trust in the world and the magnificent beauty of this life.

We will awaken the phenomenon of synesthesia — a state where you can visualize, taste, and smell the Sound — We all had this mixed sensorial experience as newborns and now will be able to return to the pure perception of the world we once had.

After 5 hours of deepening, relaxing and enjoying, we will reach the magical moment — You will remove the blindfold and feel the unprecedented beauty of the world, blade-sharpened senses, presence in the moment, stable focus and attention to all the details around.
This is NO SUBSTANCE event. Use of psychedelics and drugs is forbidden here.
We will experience
  • 5 hours of vision deprivation in a comfortable mask
    Masks are provided, no need to bring anything
  • Practices for sharpening senses and meditations
  • Sound and synesthesia practices
  • Blindfolded fruits/coconut break
    The deepest experience you have ever had with food
  • Blindfolded concert
    Free flow improvised concert by Andrew Axenov and thoroughly selected guest musicians
No music skills are required to participate in this 1-day retreat. But if you are a musician, it will change your relations with the sound and your instrument and will bring more depth to your music.
If you feel discomfort during the eyesight deprivation, you can pause it anytime, remove the mask and come back to practice when you are ready.
What people say

"If you want to know yourself more without attachment and labels that environment and society have given you, this is the best event to discover yourself. Because closing eyes and not seeing any light, you start to see another light inside you."

Emre | Turkey

"I felt completely connected to the group. Such unity and harmony with sounds of the jungle. It was absolutely mind-blowing experience. It felt slightly psychedelic and I didn't expect that at all."

(Note: all psychedelic substances are forbidden at the retreat)

Dominique | USA

"I felt so safe to just do anything. And I was able to tap into things that I didn't know I could. I explored melodies and harmonies without thinking about it. I would definitely recommend you to do it whether you're musician or not."

Carlos | Colombia

"I came here to do an experiment on sensory deprivation, but I happen to understand how much we are close to each other when there is no vision and judgement of your eyesight. How easy it is to connect with other souls and create something together."

Ilyar | Iran

"Everything was flowing, I was guided each my step. I felt that I'm in good hands, secure. I was able to open and express and discover new sides of myself. I have been to many retreats and workshops, but this one is the brightest."

Dasha | Russia

"For the first time at the daytime I've been awake but blindfolded. It opened all my senses, they were so strong - I can hear so many different sounds, I can smell, I can enjoy more taste and texture of the food. And I really had the urge to touch and experience this environment and other people."

Lena | Russia

Andrew Axenov
Main facilitator
Andrew Axenov - composer, guitar virtuoso and sound artist, whose style is fully reflected in his recent album “Hidden World Fairytales”.

Inspired by the concept of Objective Music, during the last 10 years he has been researching yoga, tantra and meditation practices and their application to different forms of art.

Andrew is mentor for musicians all around the world for more than 13 years, author of the courses for contemporary music teachers and intuitive music composing. Now Andrew is the participant of the internationally touring show “Most Human Post-Human”.

Guest facilitators are invited to each retreat.
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